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Shenzhen Jiangnan Medical Technology Co., LTD

Shenzhen Jiangnan Medical Technology Co., LTD. Is a  medical supplies company that comprehensive medical equipment and medicine, the company currently has the "Jiangnan pharmaceutical", "Jiangnan medical supplies", "Jiangnan Medical Technology" three medical related companies.After the outbreak, the company response to the market call to join the production team of epidemic prevention materials, the company's production of the forehead temperature gun, oxygen meter, disinfection box and other medical equipment products exported to Europe, South America, Africa and other regions Ten countries.At present the company jiangnan brand has been in the United States, Europe, Africa and other regions several ten countries are registered.


At present, the company has more than 200 employees and the production workshop covers an area of about 15,000 square meters Fang, from March 2020, the company will start to produce disposable protective masks (non-medical ones), KN95 masks. There are more than 100 masks production equipment. The daily output of KN95 masks is about the same 5 million, full capacity production can reach 8 million/day.


The company takes the quality as the foundation, the good faith management, the customer as the supreme, the cooperation win-win principle advances to operate and serve our customers in a lawful manner.


pulse oximeter manufacturer office

pulse oximeter manufacturer office

pulse oximeter manufacturer office

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Wholesale portable medical grade fda finger pulse oximeter certificates (ISO & FCC & CE & FDA​)

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